Getting Started#


All you need to install MACPie is a Python environment. If you do not have Python installed or are not sure, the easiest way to proceed is to install Anaconda, a popular cross platform distribution of Python.

Easy way#

The easiest way to install MACPie is using pip:

$ pip install macpie

To install all the extra dependencies, including all command line tools:

$ pip install macpie[all]

Detailed instructions#

Do you prefer Anaconda? Or need more guidance? See detailed instructions.

What now?#

  • Start analyzing data in your files using the command line tools. Get a brief introduction here. Or get the complete documentation on all the available command line tools at the CLI Reference.

  • If you are interested in the complete documentation of all classes, methods, functions, utilities, and attributes MACPie offers, check out the API Reference.